Le Chorus
Parc du Golfe - 56000 Vannes
Tel: +33 2 97 46 41 41

Visitors' area

The CHORUS is a public facility which belongs to the City of Vannes.

The venue was inaugurated in 1992 and is currently managed by CHORUS SA through a public service management concession.

It is situated in a 6-hectare park on the waterfront and comprises two multi-functional halls of 3,700m² and 1800m² respectively.


Organisers, visitors and exhibitors,
A new service in the venue park to offer an even warmer welcome, greater quality and service: the "Café du Parc" is now open for all your events. The Café is located at the entrance of the Park in the reception hall and proposes a wide range of drinks, sandwiches and snacks.