Pros zone

The CHORUS comprises two multi-functional halls providing a total of 5,500m² (1,800 + 3,700 respectively) of indoor space, and 6 hectares of outdoor space on two levels. The two halls benefit from natural daylight from sunrise to sunset (Hall A has 1,000m² of windows).

The original design of the indoor spaces means that the usable surface area is maximised (no supporting posts) and the modular floor layout can be adapted to all types of event. The high ceilings offer great clearance height. The contemporary shapes and colours of the structures and coatings add to the warm, welcoming atmosphere of the CHORUS.

Visitors and organisers find themselves in truly comfortable environment (ultra-rapid, silent heating system, water, 300 telephone/ISDN lines, Wi-Fi, and 1,200 KW electrical power distribution to 60 points, etc.).