Shows and concerts

The CHORUS is the largest concert hall in the VANNES region. Its programme meets the varied expectations of the region's public, in particular the city's 6,700 university students (third largest university town in Brittany). Boasting all the requisite safety facilities, Hall A (3,700m²) is particularly suited to concerts and shows, and can welcome up to 7,000 spectators when laid out with standing room and grandstands (or 4,000 with chairs and grandstands).


- STACCO stages of 280m²,
- 2,800 chairs and 1,102 grandstand seats,
- 1,000 KW available, separate sound and lighting,
- Direct access to the stage via the doors of the hall (heavy-duty interior floor),
- Room can be completely blacked out,
- Numerous dressing rooms in Hall B, with restaurant and kitchen area,,
- Car park at the back of the halls for cars, coaches and semi-trailers, with parking also possible inside Hall B (coaches).










- Below the stage and in the hall, there are numerous electrical sockets (3 * 32 A) fitted in the ground.
- Water and water evacuation for lasers.
- Technical access walkway in Hall A.
- Interior curtains for blacking out the halls.
- Outfitting of dressing rooms, production offices, catering service and area, with CHORUS equipment (according to technical sheets).
- Electricity, telephone according to requirements.
- Heavy-duty floor providing direct access to the stage for trucks.
- Equipment can be suspended (after study), according to weight and types of equipment.
- Ticketing office at reception (400m²).
- Security and fire-brigade control room, sick bay.
- Hall lighting control in the security control room.
- Radiant heating system; silent, quick, high-temperature, odourless, without convection.
- Ventilation in halls with extractors.
- Separate car park for production and visitors.
- Exterior lighting and power connections for outdoor facilities.
- Outdoor concerts possible: more than two hectares.
- Staff for reception, sales, security, goods-handling, installation etc. as required.
- Permanent technical support and electrician until departure of technical teams.

Additional (CHORUS equipment):
- STACCO stage of 280m² (21.96m * 12.20m), height from 0.80 to 1.80m, 2 staircases.
- 2,800 plastic bucket seats, 2 colours with fixings.
- SAMIA grandstands (1,102 seats).
- Aisle carpets.
- 2 forklift trucks (2.5 T), platform lift (12m), pallet trucks… for goods-handling.

Additional (local providers):
- Partnerships for posters, ticketing service, local promotion, public and press relations, competition management.
- Information and services for pour mailing shots for works committees in Morbihan and Brittany.
- TV studio, sound production room, video production room, projections, video walls, etc. in conjunction with specialist local partners.